To build prototypes (robots, student projects) we have a small workshop with specialized equipment. This page is intended to provide documentation and a detailed description of the more complicated equipment.


Model: ICP 4030
Working area (X,Y,Z in mm) 400x300x140
Table size (X,Y in mm) 600x375
External dimensions (X,Y,Z mm) 780x850x810
Height with door opened (mm) 1200
Weight, kg ~ 120
Motor Two-pole AC motor, 750 W
Rotation speed 3000 to 24000 rpm (set by the controller)
Min, max tool shaft diameter 1 to 8 mm, using optional extra collet chucks
Frequency converter 1,200 VA, built inside the machine




Model: RapMan v3.1
Working area (X,Y,Z in mm) 270x205x210
Z Axis Resolution 0.125 mm
External dimensions (X,Y, Z mm) 600x400x180
Print Tolerance x and y axis +/- 1% of object dimension
Print Speed max 15mm^3/s
Weight, kg 18
Power requirements 60 Watts (5A @ 12V)
Max extruder operation temp 280 oC